X7 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

X7 bluetooth speaker portable outside put mobile phone mini fashion small audio wireless subwoofer

Product Details

X7 wireless portable bluetooth speaker


Product model: X7 (X7 series)

Product size: 168mm*90mm*43mm

Product color: black/blue/red

Product parametersļ¼š

Bluetooth versionV4.1
Charging voltage5V/1A
Frequency response


The music timeAbout 12 minutes
Signal range10 meters
The output power10W
Usb power inputDC-5V


  1. DSP hd noise reduction technology, built-in noise reduction microphone, sound quality is clear, one key answer, so that the call zero distance.

  2. Bluetooth connection, bluetooth wireless transmission technology, wireless connection, high speed stability anti-interference, free from connection constraints, enjoy wireless only fun.

  3. High quality, classic manufacture, shock sound quality, special experience, aluminum body wireless bluetooth NFC speakers

  4. Call dialing, hands-free calling, call dialing reminder and hands-free calling function give the speaker a new mission. The user experience is greatly improved, convenient and fast, and driving calls are safer.

  5. Double bass surround, shock experience, scientific sound cavity sound, shock double bass, 3D surround, give you a sense of reality.

  6. Smaller than you might think, with a diameter of 63MM/ height of 78MM, less than two-thirds the height of a mobile phone, it's portable.

Real picture of product: