Bluetooth function

- Apr 02, 2018-

  Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology. It is an indispensable technology aluminum metal portable bluetooth speaker.jpgfor the bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth allows the bluetooth speaker to connect to each other through bluetooth and eliminates traditional wires. With a wireless receiver on a chip, a bluetooth speaker equipped with bluetooth technology can be played at a distance of 10 meters and can be transmitted at a speed of 1 megabits per second. In the past, the infrared interface's transmission technology needed to be within sight range of electronic devices, and in 2012, through bluetooth technology, such trouble could be avoided. It supports voice and data transmission in technology; By using radio technology, the transmission distance is large, which can penetrate different substances and spread among substances. Using frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, it has strong anti - interference and eavesdropping ability. In theory, the spectrum of all countries is unrestricted. Low power, low cost. The development of bluetooth technology has put forward new requirements for our bluetooth stereo system, which means we must keep up with The Times.

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