Bluetooth headset basic knowledge.

- May 05, 2018-

Q: why can't we use the bluetooth headset enabled phone when our headphones are full of electricity and turn on?

A: you must first activate the bluetooth function of your phone and match your phone with the headset.

Q: can bluetooth headsets be paired with all mobile phones?

A: no, this earphone can only be paired with a mobile phone with bluetooth function.

Q: how far is the communication distance between the headset and the phone?

A: headphones have via bluetooth BQB certification, in line with the bluetooth version V2.0, downward compatible V1.5, V1.2, V1.1, V1.0, CLASS II standard, its communication distance is 10 meters, as far as due to the interference environment, may have certain influence, and some mobile phone bluetooth communication function is less than 10 meters, will also affect the communication distance.

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Q: why do I find many other bluetooth devices when my bluetooth phone is searching for bluetooth devices?

A: most of the bluetooth phones will allow within the scope of communication at the same time to find one or more of the bluetooth device, when the search is completed, your mobile phone screen will appear the products or Unknown Devices such as the words in your mobile phone screen.

Q: why can't my phone find a headset?

A: you have to set the headset in pairing mode to find the headset. Please refer to the headphone manual to set the headset in the pairing mode.

Q: do you have to match each time you use headphones?

A: no. All the paired bluetooth devices will always be paired, whether they are switched on, rebooted, or replaced.

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