Bluetooth headset selection

- May 26, 2018-

Bluetooth headset selection

1. Compatibility. Before purchasing bluetooth headset, make sure that the brand of bluetooth headset you choose supports your mobile phone. If the bluetooth headset is not compatible with the phone, the call quality will be very poor and the meaning of the bluetooth headset will be lost.

2. Transmission distance. The transmission distance of bluetooth headset mainly depends on the advanced level of bluetooth technology. The distance between the mobile phone and the bluetooth headset is within 10 meters, and the optimal transmission distance is between 2 and 3 meters.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

3. Wear comfortably. It is mainly determined by the way the earphone is fitted, the ear cap, the weight and the degree of tightness. However, according to personal subjective feeling, there will be some differences. If you care a lot about the people who wear comfortable clothes, you are advised to go to a physical store for experience before purchasing.

Standby time. The length of standby time has a direct impact on the satisfaction of using bluetooth headset. If bluetooth headset has a long standby time, it will avoid the trouble of charging all the time.

5. Purpose. Easy to carry, easy to use, high definition, stable transmission of a single ear bluetooth headset. Bluetooth, listening with ears listening to choose light, wear suitable, is not easy to fall of bluetooth headset, playing games and watching the film and television, general need to select good compatibility, transfer the head-mounted bluetooth headset with good effect.

6. Price. The price of bluetooth headsets ranges from 30 to 800 yuan, or up to 10,000 yuan, depending on the user's budget.

7. Chips. Bluetooth chip version there are mainly three versions 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.0 version of the transmission distance and transmission speed than the old version has the quality, in the case of equipment support 4.0 as far as possible to consider the headset bluetooth 4.0.

8. Sound quality. Sound quality is not just limited to the music play, also can affect the call quality, moreover the active noise reduction function of bluetooth headset can also get more noisy in the outdoor environment clear call quality.

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