Bluetooth headset selection guide.

- May 19, 2018-

Buy a bluetooth headset to determine the style.

Phone bluetooth headset: this is one of the main business office, safe driving purposes, if the main choose some light and easy to carry, high definition, stable transmission of bluetooth headset, only one ear clip type hanging ear plugs or ear.

Mini Bluetooth Earphone S530

Listening to bluetooth headset: most people buy bluetooth headset for listening to music, listening to music best ears bluetooth, because single ear bluetooth is unable to meet the requirements of stereo, if music is certainly stereo effect is best. You can choose a headset or earplug bluetooth headset.

Sport bluetooth headset: listening to music is the main purpose of the bluetooth headset, you need to choose light and fit, not easily fall of bluetooth headset, single ear ears, if is ears in-ear, attention should be paid to the thickness of its line, line is coarse, auscultation effect.

Play games, film and television: playing games and watching the film and television, general need to select good compatibility, transfer the head-mounted bluetooth headset with good effect, because the head-mounted timbre effect is good, sound field is stronger, better in scope.

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