Bluetooth speaker design

- Jun 07, 2018-

Sound box design 3 concepts

As a bluetooth speaker used in the market, it needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the market and manufacturers.

Mini Shower Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerFirst, half a step ahead of the market. If development is out of date products, only meager profit sales, and to be too futuristic will make product promotion period, for a long time because of the design is novel, profits may be very high, but the sales are not necessarily high, and the company will use a lot of resources to guide users to accept the products;

Second, in line with the manufacturing process and cost requirements of the factory, the products designed must be made in the factory and can be put into mass production.

Third, build and respect traditions. A company's products must have their own features, like BMW and IBM computers, which we can recognize at a glance. When designers design products, they must regard it as directional development, and sound box design is a continuous development process.

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