Can U disk have real capacity

- Jun 05, 2018-

How do you tell if a usb drive has real capacity

1: affirmation is to do not believe those who compare normal price too much business, be so-called "a penny a cent cent cent goods", the businessman is impossible to do business at a loss, have profit ability call business. So when buying, do not blindly bargain, the selling price is lower than the cost can be sold to you? Even if sell to you also be false, because the businessman also has big bottom to have small, do not earn money how to have rice to eat?

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2: make sure you test the usb flash drive after you buy it. If it's not real capacity, there's a problem, and online experts have provided consumers with MyDiskTest, a software program that tests usb drives. The software can directly observe the actual size of the usb drive and the chip model.

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3: in fact, the best is the simplest way is to copy the files directly to the U disk, if the copied files total capacity as well as the actual U disk capacity, means that the usb is real quality goods, but if there is a copy of part of file copy or an error occurs, then the U disk is a problem for certain, encounter this kind of situation will quickly find business returns.

Generally speaking, the standard amount of U disk is easy to lose documents or prone to bad areas, unstable reading and writing, buyers must be careful to choose, not greedy for a moment of cheap and causing significant losses.

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