Cold knowledge about USB interface 2.

- May 09, 2018-

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 insert usb interface can be positive and negative?

Our common USB interface can't be plugged in. When charging, you need to connect the USB port and the charging head properly. But this is not absolute, this is not, xin yuan chuang a new micro data cable, the size of both sides can be both positive and negative, this is interesting.

 different USB interfaces common?

The "different USB interface" here refers to the difference between USB2.0 and 3.0. As with the fast charge of mobile phone, the 2016 data line of USB3.0 is generally downward compatible, as long as the interface is the same, it can be used in general.

Of course, USB2.0's USB2.0 data cable will be transmitted at USB2.0.

USB interface alternative play.

Since computers have been growing lighter and thinner, the USB interface has not been as much as before, and in order to provide enough USB interfaces to the computer, a variety of splitters came into being.

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