Cold knowledge about USB interfaces.

- May 09, 2018-

 Front and rear interface of desktop USB.

There are USB ports on the front panel of the desktop PC and the motherboard behind. What is the difference?

In essence, they are indistinguishable, the motherboard provides USB interfaces, and the device attributes are identical. But one thing: the front panel USB port is through a wire is connected to the motherboard, if the wire quality closes nevertheless, on the front panel USB connection the large power consumption equipment such as mobile hard disk, may be insufficient power supply.

If you are using a device that consumes a lot of power, such as a removable hard disk, it is recommended that you plug in the USB port at the back, otherwise you may not be able to use it properly.

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usb3. 0 and USB2.0

The advantage of USB3.0 is basically that I don't have to say it: the file transfer is faster, in theory, USB3.0 is 10 times as much as 2.0, so if you want to download a small movie, you want to finish it in biu. Or wait till the end of time? That's the difference.

With the matching, the computer also has a start and USB2.0 interface, as shown in figure, see the interface is usually blue slot, there must be a touch more than five points, and 2.0 interface contact is generally not more than five. Take note of the keyboard and mouse, use the 2.0 interface, and use the 3.0 interface as a waste.

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