Common problems of bluetooth speaker and usage note.

- Apr 12, 2018-

Matters needing attention with bluetooth:

1. The maximum distance of the wave function of bluetooth is 15CM;

2. The bluetooth speaker and the person's distance is the best within 50CM during the call.


Do you hear any noise?

  For bluetooth protocol distance is an empty area, barrier-free can reach 10 m, under the condition of the human body for bluetooth stereo interference is also a kind of biggest obstacle, for your use effect, we recommend that you put the bluetooth stereo and use mobile phones without blocking the environment, in order to achieve the best reception.

Bluetooth stereo no sound?

1. Please ensure that the sound has been started and fully charged;

2. Please make sure that the stereo is properly connected with the mobile phone;

3. Please make sure that the stereo is properly connected with the mobile phone -- if you can't connect, please refer to the bluetooth menu of your phone or press the power button once.

A mobile phone and a bluetooth speaker?

1. Please ensure that the sound is turned on and properly charged;

2. Please ensure that the stereo is properly connected with the mobile phone;

3. Please make sure that the bluetooth device of the mobile phone has been enabled. Please refer to the user instructions of the mobile phone for details.

4. Please ensure that the stereo is within 10 meters of the mobile phone, without any obstacles, such as walls or other electronic equipment.

If the above steps fail to solve the problem, please try the following:

1. Recharging the bluetooth speaker;

2. Turn off the cell phone, dial out the cell phone battery, and reinstall it;

3. Start the bluetooth function of mobile phone and delete all previous matching history records;

4. Reconnect the bluetooth speaker to the phone.


1. Do not place the stereo in the position of the air bag in the car, because it may cause serious injury when the airbag is ejected.

2. Do not allow children to play with the stereo, small parts may cause children to suffocate;

3. The location of the hospital, explosion site or potential explosion environment may require the user to turn off the electronic equipment and radio equipment.

Please pay attention to the instructions when entering a specific area.

4. Please turn off the bluetooth speaker before boarding the plane.

5. For better protection of your hearing, do not turn the volume up too loudly;

6. Do not attempt to make any modifications to the sound system;

7. Do not place the sound on the sink or other damp places;

8. Do not clean the sound system when charging. The sound and charger should be separated before cleaning;

9. Do not force open the built-in battery of this stereo.image.pngWe (xin yuan chuang) focus on producing beautiful, simple and safe bluetooth speakers. We don't have to worry about children's safety. Make bluetooth speaker, we are professional. Also our after-sales service is absolutely sweet and comfortable.