Common sense of bluetooth headset

- May 05, 2018-

Q: why is it not clear from the bluetooth  headphones?

A: there are two possible reasons:

(1) your location is too weak, please change to a good location;

(2) the distance between the earphone and the phone exceeds the communication distance. Please make sure that the distance between the phone and the headset is within 10 meters, and there is no obvious interference source around.

Q: how to solve the problem of unclear audio?

A: adjust the volume of your phone or press the volume button of the headset to turn the volume up, and make sure that you are in a position where the receiver is strong.

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Q: why does the headset stop suddenly?

A :(1) it could be that your headphones are dead. When the power of the headset is not enough, the red indicator will be flashing. Please charge it in time.

(2) it could be your phone's bluetooth connection breaker. This rarely happens. If it does, turn off the phone and turn it off again, or turn off the phone's bluetooth function.

Q: why can't my headphones start voice dialing?

A:(1) please rerecord voice dialing voice with earphone;

(2) some phones do not support voice dialing function (please refer to mobile phone instructions).

Q: how do I get into voice dialing?

A: mono headsets in standby state according to a multifunction button (power button) to enter the voice dialing, stereo headset in standby state quickly into a state in two consecutive times namely voice dialing.

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