Common USB drive encryption

- Jun 05, 2018-

USB drive small, convenient and quick, make it become the tool of choice for office workers, we can use the USB drive data backup, copy the work, but the resulting data security problem also praised by the people's attention, so some people will choose to buy an encrypted USB stick, so that we can ensure the safety of data.

Today, we will introduce you to the current USB encryption on the market.

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1. False encryption

This kind of encrypted wooden USB flash drive does not have real encryption, it only needs to use the password cracking tool to read out the data that the USB flash drive does not have, and the security is poor.

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2. Soft encryption

Soft encryption is to point to by the built-in or accompanying software encryption, the content of the metal USB drive generally adopts the algorithm for AES, this way you can put an end to fake through the crack in the encrypted password tool can read USB drive data shortcomings, but encryption process needs to be done on the PC, so there is intercepted password safe hidden trouble.

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3. Hardware encryption

Hardware encryption is to point to by internal USB control chip is encrypted, can realize real-time encryption, the encryption process within the cartoon USB stick is completed, this method has the advantage of high level of security, but need to use specialized hardware encryption chip is encrypted, with a higher cost.