Common ways to disable USB drives

- Jun 27, 2018-

Company to disable the USB drive and mobile hard disk is varied, the most common reason is to prevent employees take confidential data, here I don't provide a professional software tips for everyone, because your boss will never believe that "what you can solve yourself, don't spend money".

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Method 1. BIOS setup method (fast cutting and tangling method)

Enter the BIOS setting and select the "Integrated Peripherals" option. After expansion, set the attributes of "USB 1.1 Controller" and "USB 2.0 Contr01ler" to "Disableed", and then disable the USB interface. Finally, don't forget to set a password to the BIOS so that others can't "lock" the device by changing the registry.

Note: this method completely disallows the USB interface, which means that all kinds of USB interface devices can not be used, of course, including USB drive and mobile disk. As this law is too arbitrary, please use it with caution.

Method 2. No flash disk or mobile hard disk startup (for Windows XP/2000/2003)

To open the registry editor, and so on the following branch [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentCntrolSetServicesUSBSTOR], found in the pane on the right side of the DWORD value, called the "Start" double click, in the edit dialog that pops up its numerical data modification for 16 hexadecimal number "4". Click ok and close the registry editor to restart the computer for the Settings to take effect. After the restart, when someone will connect to your computer USB storage devices, although the indicator lights on the USB device in the normal, but just can't find the dish in the middle of the resource manager, so also can't use USB devices.

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Method 3. Hide the disk character and forbid viewing (applicable to Windows system)

To open the registry editor, and so on the following branch [HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPloiciesExplorer], a new binary values "NoDrives", its default value is 00 00 00 00, said don't hide any drive. The key value consists of four bytes, each bit pair from A: to Z: of A disk, and when the corresponding bit is 1, the corresponding drive in my computer is hidden. The first byte represents 8 disks from A to H, that is, 01 is A, 02 is B, 04 is C Similarly, the second byte represents I to P, the third byte represents Q to X, and the fourth byte represents Y and Z. For example, to close the C disk, change the key value to 04 00 00 00; To close disk D, it is 0800 00 00, and to close disk C and disk D, it is 0C 00 00 00(C is hexadecimal and decimal is 12).

After understanding the principle, below my computer as an example to show how to operate: my computer has A floppy disk, hard disk (5), A drive, drive distribution is as follows: A) : (3.5 floppy disk, C:, : D, and E: :, F, G, and H (CD), so my "NoDrives" value for the '02 ff ff ff, hides, I to Z B plate.

After restarting the computer, insert the USB flash drive again, which cannot be seen in my computer, but enter I in the address bar :(one of the disk characters after my computer's power is H) it can still access the mobile disk. So far you can see that "NoDrives" are just a smokescreen, so we're going to do one more step, which is to create a new binary "NoViewOnDrive" with the value "02 ff", which means it's the same value as "NoDrives". In this way, you can neither see the USB flash nor access the USB flash drive.

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Method 4. Do not install USB driver

In Windows explorer, into the "system tray: WINDOWSinf" directory, named "Usbstor. PNF file, right-click on the file, select" properties "in the pop-up menu, and then switch to the" security "TAB, in the" group or user names "box select the user group to ban, and then in the user group permissions box, select the" reject "behind the" full control "check box, click" ok "button.

Using the above method, find the "USBstor. Inf" file and set it in the security TAB to deny access to the group of users. After the above setup is complete, the user in the group cannot install the USB device driver, which is disabled.