Data Preloading Service of usb flash drive

- Apr 26, 2018-

                                       Data Preloading Service of usb flash drive 

We can preload presentations, product catalogues or any other promotional materials you desire. Whether it is to supply important data to your clients or just to reinforce your company message, preloading your custom USB Flash Drives with data is an excellent concept. A Flash Drive is purely a data storage device so we can preload any type of data. Here are some examples of files our customers have asked us to preload in the past:

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Product catalogues

  • PDF brochures

  • Pictures

  • Software

  • Company brief intruction

  • Videos

How to get your data to us?

  • Send by email( ) : If the data below 10MB in size, you can email it straight to your XYC contact. Please send the data in a single .zip folder

  • Use our online data upload form which can handle data up to 10GB in size

  • Provide a link for us to download: If the data is too big to email (e.g. more than 10MB) then you can provide us a link from which we can download it if you have access to your own web space. The link should be to a single .zip folder containing the data. Some customers prefer to give us login details to an FTP location from which to download the data.

  • Send by online such as skype (

What format should the data be in?

If you are sending the data by email, FTP or providing a download link, then data should be provided as one .zip folder. Upon receipt, we will unzip the folder and add the resulting contents onto each Flash Drive. This way the data will retain the exact folder structure you intended.