Do you know about bluetooth

- Apr 09, 2018-

How bluetooth works.

  Bluetooth devices use radio waves to connect phones and computers. The bluetooth product includes a small bluetooth module and bluetooth radio and software to support the connection. When two bluetooth devices want to communicate with each other, they need to pair. The communication between bluetooth devices takes place in a temporary network of short-range (referred to as piconet, a network of devices connected to bluetooth technology). This network can accommodate two to eight devices for connection. When the network environment is successful, one device is the primary device, and all the other devices are used as devices. Piconet is dynamically and automatically set up when the bluetooth device is added and removed from the radio short-range sensor.

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Bluetooth technology usage

  Bluetooth technology can connect devices wirelessly. Bluetooth, for example, connects locks, lights, televisions, toys, car electronics, medical devices, sports equipment, and almost everything else that comes to mind. The best experience is that the bluetooth technology can also be used to connect with shoppers, visitors, or spectators. The latest applications are experiences in the sharing economy, such as sharing bicycles. In the future, the application of bluetooth technology will be expanded with the imagination of developers.

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