Do you know how many bluetooth earphones there are

- May 25, 2018-

Classification of bluetooth headsets

1.According to the way of wearing

Earplugs type

Drive directly into the ear, small volume, easy to drive. But poor anti-interference ability, sound quality is also difficult to meet higher requirements. High-end earplugs are far less cost-effective than the corresponding level of head-mounted headphones.

Ears hanging

The earphone combines the advantages of headphone and earplug. It is convenient to carry, comfortable to wear, especially eye-catching in appearance.


The way you wear it is to go directly over your ears, and you can put the handle on the top of your head or the back of your ear for comfort. When wearing, do not enter the ear, the ear canal, the eardrum caused the least damage.

Stereo S9 Bluetooth Earphone

2.According to the channel points


Most are small wireless style, can be worn directly on the ear, the main function is to answer and hang up the call use, can control the volume adjustment, still have double waiting, double wheat, liyin and other technologies.


Based on mobile phone support A2DP bluetooth stereo protocol can be realized, with neck, earphone, clamps, glasses and other styles, some stereo bluetooth headsets also have liquid crystal display.

True wireless

Using Multiplexlink multi-point wireless interconnection technology, the left and right earplugs can work independently. When you need to change to dual channel stereo, turn on another earplug.

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