Do you know the classification of bluetooth technology

- Apr 04, 2018-

Different "categories" of bluetooth technology

  Bluetooth technology actually has multiple "categories", which are different versions of the core specification. By far the most common is the Bluetooth BR/EDR (a) the basic rate/enhanced data rate and Low power consumption bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, Bluetooth BR/EDR is mainly used in Bluetooth 2.0/2.1 edition, commonly used in speaker and headphones and other products; And low power consumption of the bluetooth technology is mainly used in the bluetooth version 4.2/4.0/4.1, it is mainly used for the latest products available in the market, such as bracelets, intelligent household equipment, automotive electronics, medical equipment, the Beacon sensor (small transmitter via bluetooth technology to send data), etc.

Note: two of the most common core specification implementations have different use cases, and different chips are used to meet different hardware requirements. However, dual-mode chips can be applied to both use cases.

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The difference between:

   >> bluetooth BR/EDR technology -- a relatively short and continuous wireless connection, ideal for playing audio streams and other use cases;

>> low-power bluetooth technology -- allows fast, relatively remote wireless connections to be an ideal choice for an Internet of things (loT) applications that do not require continuous connectivity and require long battery life.

  > > dual mode (including using the above two kinds of technology), dual mode chip can be used to support a single device, such as the need to connect to bluetooth BR/EDR equipment (such as audio headphones) and low power consumption a bluetooth device, such as wearable smartphone or tablet.