Features of bluetooth technology

- Apr 10, 2018-

Bluetooth technical features

  The most important feature of bluetooth technology is that bluetooth technology is ubiquitous, low power consumption, easy to use and low application cost.

1. Bluetooth technology is ubiquitous -- the popularity of bluetooth technology on smart phones is expected to cover 96 percent of the world's mobile phones by 2018.

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    2.Low power -- with the advent of low-power bluetooth technology   (BLE), developers can develop small sensors that can run for months or   even years with a small button battery. This lays the foundation for one   of  the mainstream technologies of the Internet of things.

    3. Easy to use --  As shown in the picture, it is not only beautiful and   easy to use -- for developers, the development of bluetooth products is   based on core specifications, while configuration files and custom   services   are added layer by layer.

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