​Format USB flash drive on Mac system

- Jun 02, 2018-

Often use USB stick to USB format, format the USB stick under Windows system operation is very simple, but due to the different systems, is different to the operation of the USB stick formatting, under the MAC users to complete leather USB stick formatting is not so easy, you know how to format the USB stick under MAC.

metal enamel usb flash drive.jpg

How to format a USB drive on a MAC system:

1. Open the disk utility application under Mac first

2. Then select the wooden USB drive you want to format on the left side of the disk management window

3. If you want to choose the format of formatted mini USB drive, please click the format drop-down list to select. The default is ms-dos FAT partition, as shown in the figure

4. Then click the "erase" button in the window

5. The system prompts that all data on the current USB drive will be deleted. Please click the "erase" button to confirm the formatting.

6. Finally, just wait for the system to format the metal pen USB flash drive.

pvc usb flash drive.jpg

Under normal circumstances, users select the USB on the computer, then right-click to choose formatting can complete the operation, under MAC because of the difference of the system, the user to complete the USB stick format, it is not so easy, hopes to help the user to complete the above detailed tutorial formatting.