Future cloud storage U disk will become mainstream

- May 02, 2018-

  In modern information society, U disk is ubiquitous and used very frequently. For modern people, especially young people, usb drives are a necessity.

High Speed USB Stick 3.0

  U disk is small, light weight, suitable for carrying, large capacity, moderate price.

There is no mechanical device in the U disk. It has strong anti-seismic performance and high temperature and low temperature.

  In a variety of functional usb drives, the usb flash disk has the most potential. Cloud storage is one of the hottest topics in computer field in recent years, the cloud concept also gradually into all aspects of people's life, cloud, cloud TV mobile phone, computer with cloud storage functions are also appear on the market. The usb flash drive is already familiar to some tech-savvy people.

  The usb flash drive has too many advantages over regular usb drives. It is very difficult to realize that the usb flash disk of a foreign manufacturer can not be realized in the use of cloud storage function, so we take the usb flash disk as an example. Domestic cloud storage U disk -- cloud secret disk, each disk is attached with 10G cloud space in addition to its own capacity. One of the most important features of cloud storage usb drives is cloud storage, which is used by cloud storage. The cloud space used in the cloud is 99 disks on the network.

  The cloud disk will automatically backup the files stored in the disk to 99 disks, and the changes of the internal files will be automatically synchronized to 99 disks. Usb drives are very portable, but small usb drives are often misplaced or lost. Once U disk is not found, the files in U disk will also be lost. However, the cloud storage U disk cloud secret disk will not lose the disk file due to the loss of U disk. As long as you login to the 99 disk connected to the cloud secret disk account, you can download the usb flash drive that is automatically backed up to 99. The size of the cloud storage U disk cloud space determines how much you can back up the file.

  The cloud disk also has the partition encryption function, a disk has two areas, the unencrypted area and the encryption area. The encryption area needs to enter a password to open the entry, as is the case with the normal U disk. You can store confidential and important documents and privacy files in the encrypted area, and you don't have to worry about leaks even if the usb flash drive is used or lost.

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  The cloud disk also has the error-deleted recovery and historical version recovery function. In the cloud disk, the data was deleted, and the cloud space of the cloud disk was directly logged into 99 disk, and all the data deleted from the usb flash disk was found in the recycling station in the 99 disk. Cloud the history of the secret panel version recovery function, allows users to easily find once in the cloud and the secret dish modified file version of history, contrast each time change records, to better help users office and manage the data effectively. These are also available for uploading stored files directly from 99 disks.

  Compared with ordinary U disk, there are many advantages in cloud storage U disk, such as the hard encryption function of cloud secret disk, which can set the cloud secret disk as the hardware key and better protect the security and confidentiality of the data. Cloud storage U disk at a distance from the performance of more than ordinary U disk, more can meet the needs of modern society people diversification, in the near future, cloud storage U disk will become a main developing trend of the U disk, the music, electronic technology co., LTD., has developed many cloud storage U disk.

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