Hide U disk Letter

- Jan 22, 2018-

What do we do when the usb drive is hidden?engraved wood usb stick.jpg

1. First click "Win+r" on the keyboard to open the "run" window and enter "Regedit" command, press enter, and open the registry editor;

2. In the Open Registry editor, the following Registry entries in a [Hkey_current_user/software/Microsoft/Windows/currentversion/policy/explorer];

3, a new binary values "NoDrives", the default key value is 00000000, shows that there is no hiding drive, the key value is made up of four bytes, each byte of each corresponding to a disk from one: Z: when the corresponding is 1 o 'clock, the corresponding driver hidden in my computer. The first byte represents 8 disks from A to H, that is to say, 01 is A,02 b,04 is C... By analogy, the second byte represents me to P, the third byte represents Q X, and 4 bytes for Y, and z., for example, closed disk C, the key value 04000000, switch off the D, 08000000, closed disk C and D, then c000000 0 (into C is the hex, decimal is 12).led light crystal usb flash drive.jpg

4, in the introduction of the principle, we should know how to operate, for example, the computer has a flash drive hard disk partition (5), a cd-rom drive, distribution of this letter is: C: D:, E, F, g: H: (CD), and then put my "NoDrives value" 02 FFFFFF ", "hidden B, I go to the Z disk.

5. Set up after the computer is restarted, then insert the usb flash disk, which cannot be seen in the "computer", but enter I in the address bar (my computer is after h) or can access the mobile disk. All you can see here is a disguise, and in order to be safe, you need to do more than one step to create a new binary "noviewondrive," whose value is modified to "02FFFFFF", or "nodrive". You can't see the usb drive, you can't access the u disk.

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