History of the invention of usb flash drive

- Jan 22, 2018-

     From 1998 to 2000, many companies claimed to be the first to invent USB flash drives. Including antique style key usb flash drives.jpgChina Netac Technology, Israel M-systems, Singapore Trek Company. But the real access to usb drive is the basic invention patent is China Netac Company. In the July 2002, NETAC Company "Flash Lightning sub-storage method and its device for data processing System" (Patent No.: ZL 99 1 17225.6) was duly authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent fills the gap in 20 years of patent creation in China's computer storage field. The acquisition of this patent has caused a great shock to the entire storage world. Including the Israeli m-systems immediately to the Chinese state intellectual Property Office to put forward an invalid review, once became the global flash in the field of shock and foreign patent controversy. But December 7, 2004, NETAC received the U.S. National Patent Office officially authorized the Flash Disk Foundation invention Patent, the United States patent number US6829672. The acquisition of this patent eventually ended the battle. China Netac Company is the first usb stick of the global inventor.

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