How can a usb drive run faster

- Jun 02, 2018-

How can a usb drive run faster

The mainstream usb flash drive is now 8G and 16G, and the writing speed is relatively low. Now, the website of the computer store offers a way to modify the system to greatly improve the performance of the usb drive under Windows Vista.

This method with the best of our knowledge of ascension method is the same as the SATA hard disk performance, which is open, "senior write cache (advanced write caching)", this method changes will increase as the write cache memory capacity, to write to U disk performance. But it doesn't make you a faster with the size of a 8 g U disk, but makes the U disk to other system processes the response speed faster, for usb transfer a large number of small files, or run on usb flash drive performance increase obviously in case of an application.

Unique Usb Memory Disk

The solution is simple: first open the device manager, then open the disk list to see the various disks on the system connection, including your usb drive. Right-clicking on the usb stick, choose "properties", open the "strategy" TAB, you can see two options, one is to Optimize rapid removal (Optimize the for quick removal), one is to Optimize performance, Optimize the for performance), choose the one below.

Points need to restart to take effect after OK, it's important to note that this change is not moving with U disk but is saved in the computer, if you insert the usb flash drive into the other computer, you need also so set on this computer.

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