How do I merge the USB stick partition?

- May 02, 2018-

How do I merge the USB stick partition?led watch bracelet usb flash drives.jpg

1. The first plug your USB drive on your computer, click start, all programs, accessories, command prompt (in front of the steps can be directly used in + R key combination to open the "run", then type CMD can also open a command prompt). Then Enter the "diskpart" at the command prompt window and press Enter to Enter the diskpart interactive environment (note that "quotation marks" do not Enter, and the following commands do not contain ""). Enter" lis dis "and press Enter" Enter" to display all the disks, then you will see two disks, disk 0 and disk 1, and disk 1 is your USB drive (as you can see by size). Enter "sel dis 1" and press Enter to select "disk 1". Enter "clean" and press Enter to remove all partitions under "disk 1". F. Enter "create partition primary" and press Enter "Enter" to create a primary partition on disk 1. Enter "active" and press Enter to activate the primary partition.


maple wood usb stick.jpg2. Then type "format fs=fat32 quick" and press Enter to quickly format the main partition to fat32 format. Of course you can also use "format fs = fat32" or "format fs = NTFS" or "format fs = NTFS quick," I can't comment on the format, said the difference between the quick and didn't add the quick, quick quick format command said, didn't add the quick said fully formatted. Fast formatting simply removes the files on the hard disk, which is completely formatted to redistribute the hard disk into clusters. In general, fast formatting is better than full formatting, because one can be formatted at a very fast pace, and the hard disk is less worn. But if the suspect disk may have a bad way, it   should be fully formatted hard drive for a full scan, full format on the hard disk bad marks to prevent the use of follow-up, can to a certain extent, improve the bad hard disk use.

Then Enter "exit" and press Enter "Enter" to exit the diskpart interactive environment. Then Enter "exit" again and press Enter to exit the CMD interactive environment. You can complete the partition merge of the USB flash drive.


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