How do I recover the file of the usb flash disk?

- Apr 12, 2018-

Recover the delete file.

When the file in the U disk is deleted, start EasyRecovery Pro 6.0, click the "data recovery" button on the left side of the main interface, and then click the "delete restore" button in the right window.

After a short scan, the program requires the user to select the partition where the File was deleted, and then enter the File name and type of the File to be restored in the "File Filter" column on the right. The default is to find all deleted files, so you can find all deleted files, usually by default. Note that if the file has been deleted for a long time, it is recommended that the check box before the "full scan" is selected so that the chance of success is greater.

After clicking "next", the program starts scanning the partition of the usb flash drive and pops up a file list window. This window is similar to the "resource manager", where the user only needs to find the files that need to be restored and find the "square root" in the list.

 usb flash drive

Tip: after deleting files found EasyRecovery Pro, filename file list and the original file name may be different, so need to recover in the search for the file, have patience, can according to the file name and file type to determine whether they need to restore the file. Also, after selecting the File, you can click the View File button to View the contents of the selected File, which is useful for finding text files.

After selecting the files that need to be restored, click the "next" button, and the program asks you to select a directory to store the recovery file. Note that in order to restore security, it is recommended that the recovery data be stored in other partitions (such as files that need to be restored on disk D, which can be saved to an E disk). Click the "Browse" button after "restore to the local drive" and select the destination directory in the pop-up window.

When you select the directory to store the restore file, click "next" and the program will return the selected file to the Settings folder.

Finally, the data in the usb flash drive will be restored.


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