How do I set the files in the U disk to be unable to delete

- Apr 14, 2018-

  The solution here is to use NTFS security to prevent usb flash files from being deleted and to prevent the virus from writing to a usb flash disk by formatting the usb flash disk as NTFS.


1. Insert the USB flash disk into the USB interface of the computer, and then select the USB flash diskand right-click the menu - attribute on my computer.

2. Select the security TAB in the open the properties of the panel, notice here, if there is no security in your U disk attributes TAB, please check whether your U disk is NTFS format, if not formatted for the NTFS format, pleasepvc-gifts-custom-usb-drive

3. In the security option card, we can see that the permission of everyone user is completely controlled. If we only want to read the function of the usb flash disk, we need only to read and run the check first.

4. At this time, we open the usb flash drive and try to create a new file in the usb flash drive. We can find that we can't set up the file in the U disk.

5. When you need to write files or delete files, use the above method to completely control the check. The advantage of this method is that it works on any computer.