How do you fix the flash drive

- Jun 02, 2018-

The usb drive is loaded with a lot of data. Once damaged, it may cause the data to disappear, which directly affects our daily work and life. We introduce some common methods used by ordinary people.

Bright Bulb USB Flash DriveBright Bulb USB Flash Drive


1. If you open the usb flash drive and click on the file, the usb drive may be damaged. We first copied the data from the USB drive, read it from the local computer, try to restart the computer or change the USB slot again.

If the first step doesn't work, let's do the second step. The antikey clicks on the usb drive to enter the state of the property. Select the tool, select the routine to check for errors, and do the work.

3. When WIDOWS cannot check the disk in use, it means to close the data documents in the usb disk first. You can also click on the mandatory close. At this time, the usb flash disk will keep flashing, the computer state is also in the green state.

4. The time shall be about 5 minutes apart, which shall be defined according to the size of your usb drive. [here is the reference by 8G]

5. The last thing that comes out is that the inspection is finished and the data should be opened for trial. If it still cannot be opened, the method needs to be changed.

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