​How do you fix the MBR on your USB drive

- Jun 19, 2018-

Now that we're using USB drives to install systems, we know that you need a USB drive. The MBR in the USB boot disk partition is actually the first sector on which to boot the partition.If the MBR in the USB drive is damaged, our USB drive will not boot and will not be able to install the operating system. Today we'll talk about how to fix the MBR on the USB drive.

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1. Restore the leather USB drive with the backup MBR file.

If you have backed up your primary boot records before, you can use winhex or other specialized disk management tools to restore the MBR.

This method is also the most stable because the file information previously backup is accurate.

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2. Reconstruction of MBR records of wooden USB falsh drive.

For dedicated disk management software such as PQ or PM, even if there is no previous backup MBR record, the software can try to rebuild the MBR according to data analysis.

Specific methods below, but need to know is for AHCI mode of the operating system, the reconstruction is not necessary and may even lead to the operating system cannot be started.

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3. How to back up the MBR information of 64G USB stick?

Backup MBR information than to restore or rebuild the MBR is simple, in addition to many professional tools support we also can use winhex such software open disk sector directly copy the data save to file.

As mentioned above, after these steps, we can easily repair the damaged MBR of the USB drive. However, this recovery is meaningless if the ghost win7 boot disk is not installed on the USB drive. Likewise, MBR recovery on a local disk can be performed using this method.