How do you tell if a usb stick is good or bad

- Jun 02, 2018-

How do you keep your usb stick

Look at the price. The price of the genuine U - dish is obviously higher than that of the aquatic U - dish.

Cute Penguin Otg USB Flash Drive2. Speed measurement. Good usb drives are not slow to read and write. The general writing speed of U disk can reach 8-10mb /S. The reading speed can reach 15- 20MB/S.

Look at the packaging. A good usb drive is of fine workmanship, including the packaging.

4. Use the tool of measuring U disk for testing. For example, digital home's "U disk expansion detection tool" can detect the quality of the U disk. I mention it again because it's so cute.

5. When buying usb flash drive, you must ask for the invoice, and the label on the usb drive should not be torn. Otherwise, the day U disk is out of order, people do not have to change it.

Helpful hints: now in the market a wide range of usb flash drive, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, said simply, is "gray" from many, the stronghold of countless, most fake Kingston, thunis U disk, so, hope you don't vote for cheap, grab a booth or shop to buy cheap usb flash drive, it takes 40 yuan to buy usb flash drive, you bought took only 15 yuan, that is absolutely false

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