How much do you know USB flash drive antivirus software?

- May 19, 2018-

USB flash drive virus also called Autorun, is through the Autorun. J inf file make the other side of all the hard drive completely Shared or Trojan virus, as metal USB drive, mobile hard disk, memory card, such as the popularization of mobile storage devices, metal USB flash drive virus flowed up, too. Recently, the national computer virus processing center issued a notice that the USB flash drive has become the main way to spread virus and malicious Trojan programs.

1. USBCleaner

USBCleaner auxiliary antivirus tools is a kind of pure green, detect the virus killing more than 70 kinds of USB stick, USB flash drive virus broad spectrum scanning, USB drive virus immune, repair show hidden files and system files, security uninstall mobile disk drive, and other functions, the omnidirectional a body repair kill rotatable USB drive virus. In addition to at the same time USBCleaner can quickly to deal with the emergence of new USB stick virus.

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2. USBKiller

When you USB flash drive, mobile hard disk has poisoning, can not be opened when you double-click on the USB drive, had to format the disk and cause data loss, when you are worried about others to use the USB flash drive to steal your data, USBKiller can provide solutions for you

1. Create SuperClean efficient and powerful anti-virus engine, and kill hundreds of obstinate USB stick viruses, such as auto. Exe, AV terminator, rising, etc., to ensure 95% of the detection rate.

2. The initiative defense of computers in China, automatic detection and removal of viruses inserted in the cortical USB flash drive, to prevent the virus from infecting the computer through USB drive.

3. Immune function allows you to make your own antivirus rotary USB drive.

4. Prevent other people from using USB flash drive and mobile hard disk to steal important information of the computer.

5. Remove the locked state of the high speed USB stick and solve the problem of the device when unplugged.

Process management allows you to quickly identify and terminate suspicious programs in your system.

7. Perfectly solve the problem of double-clicking unable to open the disk.

8. Compatible with other antivirus software.

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3.Autorun virus defender.

The Autorun virus defense software is a program designed specifically for the development of a popular cortical USB flash drive virus. It is unique to the precise killing and extension of the double-check mechanism to eliminate viruses and Trojan related documents and registry entries, leaving no residue. With unique heuristic search engine, the unknown USB flash drive virus has more than 90% recognition rate.

In addition, the software and portable USB drive virus immune, system repair, residual cleaning, analysis, system diagnosis, stubborn directory delete, emergency browser, hidden document recovery, the hidden recovery, USB flash drive, unlock, USB stick write protect software and a series of complete auxiliary tool, and process management, startup management tools and system service management system, can let you stay away from the USB stick virus completely.