How much memory to install the system u disk

- May 22, 2018-

The function of u disk is infinite, it can not only store important files, but also can be used as a tool for reinstalling the system when necessary. However, many people do not understand how large the u disk to install the system, resulting in hesitation at the time of purchase. . Some people bought a U disk with a small amount of memory, and when the copy of the image file was copied, they also indicated that there was insufficient memory. So, how much is appropriate to install the system u disk? Here's a detailed explanation for everyone.

metal airplane usb disk.jpgSelect u disk to create u disk boot disk can be selected according to their own downloaded system, if you download the edited ghost system installation, mainly to see the size of the ghost image file to decide.

1, if the ghostXP system, it is recommended to use a u disk about the size of 2G;

2. If it is windows7 system, it is recommended to use u disk above 4G;

3, if the windows8 system, it is recommended to use more than 8G u disk.

In fact, the market price of u disk will not be very high, and the production of a fast boot u disk, which saves a system image, the computer problems can be reinstalled at any time, it is convenient. In addition, it is recommended that you can use a USB flash drive  with a size of 8G, and set the format of the u disk to ntfs format when you create it (U disk set ntfs format tutorial), so that it is very convenient to use.

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