How to choose a good bluetooth headset?

- Apr 24, 2018-

Chip: the bluetooth headset must be CSR8645 or higher, the signal will be stable, and there willmini bluetooth earphone.jpg be no current and low power consumption.


Battery: if it is a small earphone, the battery capacity should be at least 120mAH, so that music can reach more than 6 hours. If it is a big earphone, the battery capacity should be at least 300mAH, because the big earphone consumes a lot of power.


Quality: if choose Bluetooth earphone, try not to choose low frequency is too rich, will damage the ear canal, reduces hearing, try to choose half in-ear, head-mounted don't choose as far as possible, wear instability, and unfavorable movement. The tone quality chooses the high frequency as far as possible, the low frequency is a little bit characteristic is ok. The most important thing about listening to music is layering and clarity.


Wear: choose small earplugs as much as possible. It is more stable and comfortable to wear.


Function: heart rate and heart rate and the advice not to choose, these functions belong to the chicken ribs, there is no real meaning, these phones have these functions, there is no need to pay a high price for these chicken ribs function.


stereo-s9 bluetooth earphone.jpg

Noise reduction: if can accept a higher price, it is suggested that as far as possible with the function of noise reduction, bluetooth earphone is used when convenient consumer movement or mobile, so consider signal stability, battery capacity, wearing comfort, are necessary conditions, it is inevitable to the noisy place, noise can play a big role.


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