How to choose the outdoor bluetooth speakers 1

- May 22, 2018-

Sound quality (sound)

The most important of any type of bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. There are about a thousand kinds of outdoor speakers in the market, which are probably the three types: single cylinder, "square" and "canteen".

Cheap monocular speakers tend to become buyers first choice of outdoor speakers zero experience, although some sound quality will get by, but to his used by speakers of single horn monocular sound actually is much less than the two speakers "square" or "kettle" sound. According to the existing domestic audio technology, no matter how good the speaker quality is, how the technology is advanced, and the sound box of the double horn is immediately returned to the original form. Usually in a noisy outdoor environment, the sound of sound is strong and powerful, such an environment, the single speaker sound box also appears to be willing to do not enough. If a super cheap speaker is just better than your phone, you might as well buy a megaphone. Since you need good quality outdoor speakers, it is advisable to buy an outdoor speaker with two speakers.

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In addition to the speaker unit, it is necessary to listen to the balance of each frequency band. Try listening to some wide - sounding music, such as music in a big movie. Then compare each frequency band, the high frequency band should be clear and transparent, soft without breaking sound. The medium frequency band should be warm, and the reduction of human voice should be true and exquisite. Low frequencies should be strong and not loose. This type of sound is fine for any type of music. Of course, when listening to music, try to avoid the interference of the wall reflection, if not, I am afraid in the outdoor environment will not be satisfactory. If it performs well in noisy environments, it's fine to be indoors.

Finally, it is necessary to take a look at the higher the signal-to-noise ratio (that is, dB), the higher the anti-jamming capability of the speaker, the higher the quality of sound, the better the fidelity effect. Therefore, the larger the SNR is, the more generally speaking, the outdoor speaker should not be less than 68dB.

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