How to choose usb flash drive

- Apr 28, 2018-

In the age of big data, people are more and more inseparable from mobile storage, and USB flash drive is the simplest and most practical way of mobile storage. The small and delicate appearance, simple and easy-to-use operation of the USB drive and the characteristics of mobility are all the reasons why people cannot leave the USB flash drive.

Today, the Xinyuanchuang company is going to talk to you about how to choose a USB drive which is more reliable. What brand is the USB stick?

See the speedtwister metal otg usb drive for android.jpg

Since the single storage size and volume of the current photos, video and other data are becoming larger and larger, it is not only required that the disk capacity is larger, but the transmission speed of data is faster. As a result, there are more and more high-speed USB flash drives in the market. In theory, USB2.0 is up to 480 MBPS, start can reach 5.0 Gbps, experience a lot faster than USB transmission, for large capacity storage files often users, buy a see USB stick or very be necessary. USB2.0 and USB3.0 can be distinguished from the appearance, and the USB3.0 interface is blue.

The function of

For most ordinary users, the functional requirements of the USB flash drive are mainly to store data, and for some users with special requirements, there will be some additional functional requirements. For business people, for example, the security of data is very important and requires encryption. For long - term traveling salesman, what brand is the USB stick? The company believes that the fastness, shock and water resistance of the USB flash drive will make their work and life easier. Mainly depends on user's use demand center of gravity to choose.

Look at the price

Price is a sensitive and important factor. Since the current USB drive looks almost the same, people will be better off choosing a more cost-effective one. The cost performance is not high mainly depends on the brand.

The capacity of

Capacity is a factor that users must consider when purchasing a USB drive. This is mainly from the demand of the market, from the market sales data, mainly select 32G and 64 4g users are more. For designers, photographers and film collector, may need more storage space, but for ordinary business people, students party capacity of 32 and 64 is more appropriate.

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See the sign

Now let's say the focus of choice -- the brand. Good brands are more secure in quality and more stable in performance.

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