How to correctly choose the card U disk?

- May 05, 2018-

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U disk development so far has more than 10 years of time, in the U disk during this period of development of a wide variety, quality, from the outside, there are: card U disk, cartoon U disk, waterproof U disk, PVC silicone U disk, leather U disk, metal U disk, rotating U disk, pen U disk, watch U disk, wrist U disk, wooden U disk and so on. In many U-disks, today we have a detailed understanding of the "card U disk."

    Card U disk, also known as "card concept U disk" or "business card concept U disk," is made from ABS material + Taiwan wafer UDP packaging chip +8 color printing, usually the appearance and standard bank card, length and width of 85 *52MM, thickness is 1.2-2MM.Card U disk can be an excellent advertising carrier because it can print a variety of exquisite color patterns, and is usually the company's preferred gift for customers.Usual USB flash drive to promote, can only do the company's appearance LOGO plays a limited role in publicity, and the card U disk can be used as a company's LOGO in appearance, but also in the U disk chip to do corporate advertising films and product introductions, etc.. Write U disk The publicity materials can't be erased and cannot be formatted. Plugging in the computer will automatically pop up the advertisement page. The general life span of the card U disk is 5-6 years (good 8-10 years no problem), which means that the company spends once Money, made a few years of advertising, so that through the promotion of beer between customers, more credibility and authenticity will help increase the amount of customers.It can be said that a purchase, lifelong service.

     The card U disk is almost as big as a business card or bank card, so it is a USB flash drive that can be put directly into your wallet. The USB drive is also waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, environmentally friendly, high-speed and stable features, usually using the USB2.0 standard interface, most of the chips are using original UDP wafers such as Samsung, Micron, Toshiba or Intel, Taiwan Huatai Original package, using SMI master or UT165 master.

Card U disk can be divided according to the appearance of different: rotary, dump bucket, open type

      The method of using the U disk of the card is actually very simple. Although it is simple, many people will not use it. First, press the U disk with your left hand up and press the U disk at the same time. Press the thumb down with your right hand, and you can easily flip the card core out and insert the USB interface directly. Do not use brute force, otherwise the bottom sleeve will be broken together.

      How to correctly select the card U disk tutorial for everyone to share the end, understand that after we understand that the original card U disk is also subdivided into a variety of types, we want to buy card U disk, we must understand clearly in the choice of the appropriate u disk Otherwise, it is a waste of money. I hope to help everyone.

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