​How to deal with USB stick hardware failure caused by unrecognized problems

- Jun 06, 2018-

USB stick cannot be identified through a simple search check repair still can't get, this kind of situation mostly hardware problems, a lot of friends think of USB stick hardware problem can throw? In fact, there are also ways to save the hardware problem USB flash drive. Please take a look at the following tutorial, which may help more people to solve this problem.

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1. Insufficient USB power supply port

Actually for desktop users, is generally used to mini USB stick inserted into the USB socket of front, because it is more convenient, and is the same before and after, it is different, on a long-term unused computer, the front USB port power supply shortage, easily nature has been unable to identify the situation, the solution is very simple, is to replace the rear USB port.

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2. Driving problem

Drive is very easy to solve, generally unrecognized, this error can also be driven, so appear this kind of circumstance, the attached computer driven disc, the third party software such as: drive, drive the elves, such as software, life can be for you to install the driver.Troubleshoot 64G USB flash drive hardware problems

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3. Regional mass production

Here they told everyone down, actually USB stick is a partition, partition damaged nature cannot be loaded, method is to share with you a software Mformat, through baidu search can easily find the software.

Using the method is very simple, is the wooden USB drive into the computer, even in the case of a computer can't read USB stick, this software can be detected, and then click STEAP, then wait for the software to run automatically, can help you to solve the problem of USB stick can't use, is very simple.

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4. Other methods

If your problem has not been solved, or you feel that the above method is not detailed enough, you cannot understand it, etc., then share the last solution with you. With some third-party software, such as tencent's computer housekeeper, there is a solution to fix the problem that the cartoon USB flash drive cannot identify.

Open the computer clinic function in tencent computer housekeeper, and find the special area for hardware problems. There is a solution to the problem of [unrecognized USB drive] in it. Let's get together and solve the problem.

Although the above methods can't solve the problem of all USB stick cannot be identified, but solved most of USB stick cannot be identified as a result of a hardware failure, believe that will be able to help a lot of friends of the problem affects, if you have important data in the USB stick hardware problems, however, be sure to try the above method oh, may be able to save your precious USB stick information.