How to handle the water of USB flash drive?

- May 12, 2018-

What should be done after the USB stick is flooded?

Because the USB drive itself is not charged, there will be no short circuit in the water. If it is dehydrated properly, it will not affect the performance and use. Some people will use the hair dryer to force the drying of the water, which is fast, but has a lot of disadvantages.

Heating drying while USB drive dehydration can shorten the time, but the circuit boards of be affected with damp be affected with damp due to external heated drying quickly, and internal moisture volatilizes not synchronous USB stick, at this time due to internal stress can cause damage to circuit, circuit board burst so simple heating drying is not desirable.

And a lot of people did not make advance processing drying before USB stick, USB drive fell into the water after won't happen short circuit, but when we use a hair dryer after drying or dry, it has evaporated, the salt in the water and other impurities attached on the circuit board, these things are often electric conductor, when electricity use is likely to damage the USB stick.

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The correct processing methods

USB drive after the water do not have to rush to drying processing, first rinse with clean water, ensure no sewage saved the U dish, conditional best anhydrous alcohol flushing. The sooner this work is done, the better. If the USB flash drive is not handled in time and has been naturally dried, it is suggested to take it apart, remove the board with water-free alcohol and soft brush, clean the plate base, and then dry it naturally. The general performance of the USB flash drive is not affected.

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