How to maintain the bluetooth speaker?

- May 26, 2018-

As for the maintenance of bluetooth speakers, we generally think that bluetooth speakers, as long as we pay attention not to knock, and then charge normally, there will be no major problems. But today I want to tell you that the maintenance of bluetooth speaker is very important. No matter how waterproof it is, try not to get wet.

outdoor keychain waterproof bluetooth speaker.jpg

1.Stay away from heat and humidity

Get all your mini bluetooth speakers away from the sun and temperature as the hot stove, heating, such as thermal radiation instruments, damp place also don't go, that's right, the bluetooth speaker is nothing of them look tough.

2. About the placement of bluetooth speakers

Even if it's a small, lightweight bluetooth speaker, you'll want to keep it on a solid surface to keep it low. Then remember not to get too close to the wall.

aluminum metal portable bluetooth speaker.jpg

3. Maintenance of shell

No matter what material is what price you buy waterproof bluetooth speakers, you must take time to regularly wipe, wipe is very simple, just attached to the bluetooth speaker with soft dry cloth wipe the dust off.

4. The rated power shall not be exceeded

Although we have repeatedly said parameter is false, but about the rated power you have to pay attention to, because once beyond the rated power is used, it is possible to lower quality, or even damage the speaker.

mini portable bluetooth speaker.jpg

mini portable bluetooth speaker.jpg

5. Maintenance of speakers

This may be a bit more of a hassle, using a soft brush to remove dust from your wireless bluetooth stereo, and remember not to replace it with a vacuum cleaner just because you're lazy.