How to prevent the USB stick parasite virus?

- May 03, 2018-

USB stick parasite? I guess a lot of people haven't heard, it is 07 year king "poison", its influence and social harm has not yet receded, USB stick and mobile hard disk at home prices falling now, USB stick has become the largest hard-hit parasites, viruses. So, how do you prevent a thumb worm?

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How to prevent the thumb worm?

The USB flash drive is transmitted by the autorun automatic playback function of Microsoft system. Users who double-click on the USB drive can be infected by a USB stick.

First of all, we have to protect their own USB stick or mobile devices, such as when there are external USB access computer, do not be eager to double-click to open, do anti-virus treatment in advance, and immune orUSB stick parasites of antivirus software. The USB stick parasite willinvade the computer through two holes, so the system will be equipped with the two patches, ms06-014 and ms07-17. Most of the Trojan viruses also enter the computer through these two loopholes. We also need to update the antivirus software virus library in time to update regularly

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and kill virus regularly. Computer users should update the virus library in time and enable real-time monitoring and system monitoring. When surfing the Internet at ordinary times don't click on links and run unknown file, install security patches for the operating system in time, closed system sharing function for the system setup complex password, at ordinary times should pay attention to protect USB removable storage device such as data security. Try not to double-click open, you should right-click and open. Remove theUSB flash drive from the computer in time.


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