How to prevent U disk data loss when plugging and unplugging U disk

- May 31, 2018-

   U disk friends will encounter this situation, want to exit the U disk, click on the bottom right of the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, will pop up a dialog box, "Now can not stop the "universal volume" device, please Then stop the device. Some friends are afraid that the U disk directly after the U disk, the data will be lost. Actually this time did not open the U disk file, U disk is normal, but why does this appear The problem is, will the data in the U disk be directly pulled out?

pegasus usb novelty flash drive.jpgOpen "My Computer" first and select your U drive letter. Right-click and select "Properties", this will pop up the "Removable Disk (H:) Properties" (where the drive letter is divided by the partition of the operating system's hard disk and the drive's partition) window, click the "Hardware" tab .

Select the U disk to use in "All disk drives" (don't choose wrong, there will be hard disk, optical drive, virtual drive and other devices, generally U disk will have "Flssh Disk USB" letters, select, single Click "Properties", this will open the U disk name attribute window, select the "Policy" tab.

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At this time you can choose according to your needs: If you select "Optimize for fast deletion", then the speed of reading and writing using a USB flash drive will decrease, but when the user directly unplugs the U disk, the U disk data will not be lost Or damage; if you choose "Optimize for performance", then you can optimize the read and write performance of the U disk, but if you directly remove the U disk, the data in the USB flash drive may be damaged or lost. After selecting, click OK.


Under normal circumstances, the reason for this problem is that there are files in the USB flash drive being used. You can check which files on your computer may use the files inside, and close them. For example, if the folder is open, or if a similar monitoring process such as anti-virus software scans some files by default, or if the system is currently indexing files on the USB flash drive, such hidden file usage will cause this. Situation. The author proposes to select the "Optimize for quick deletion" option, in the case of direct pull out U disk will not lose data.

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