How to recover files after usb disk poisoning

- May 29, 2018-

Do you have such experience, usb flash drive in the virus, after running antivirus PVC Cartoon USB Flash Drivesoftware detected virus was cleared, but the part in the U disk files also can't find it, click "show all files and folders" or running antivirus software antivirus again, can make "disappear" file into the light. The "used storage space" in the usb drive has not decreased, so the file has not been deleted, so how can the "hidden" file be recovered?

Here we apply a piece of software. "USBCleaner", this is a pure green auxiliary antivirus tools, this software is to detect more than 1000 kinds of U disk virus, broad-spectrum U disk virus scanning, U disk virus immune, repair show hidden files and system files, security uninstall mobile disk drive, and other functions, the omni-directional integration repair kill U disk virus in addition. At the same time, USBCleaner can quickly deal with the newly emerging usb drive virus.


1: first download the USBCleaner, unzip it and find "folderprocure. Exe" in the folder. Double-click to run.

2: click on "start scan" button, select "do usb drive scan" will pop up a window, after asking whether to repair, select "yes" to the program will repair the file, and will be prompted to "fix success" red text.

3: after the completion of the repair will pop up a dialog box that prompts "all the operation was successfully completed", click "ok", the "whether to restart the computer" dialog, select "yes"

Restart your computer and you'll find all the files on your usb drive.

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