How to Recover Lost Word Files After U Disk Poisoning

- May 23, 2018-

Sometimes when we edit a word document on a USB flash drive, the situation of USB disk poisoning will lead to the loss of the word document. How can we recover the lost Word document after the USB disk poisoning?

wood clip usb stick.jpgFirst: the introduction of abnormal situation

1. A user of the company's internal editing department often needs to use a U disk to exchange documents with counterparts due to work needs. Since the other party's machine has the "EXE" virus, the U disk will be infected with the "EXE" virus each time the file is exchanged. However, the virus can be used after being scanned and cleared.

2. On a certain day, due to the tight publishing deadline, the user immediately edited a WORD file on the USB flash drive directly in the notebook. In the editing process, a dialog box pops up to the effect that the file is abnormal and saved. The user didn't understand the meaning of the dialog box too much, clicked "No", and exited the WORD program.

3. Then open the U disk, there is a strange phenomenon: the previous sub-directory only one, in the U disk directory where the WORD file is being edited, the previous file is missing, there have been dozens of files The file named "????.?" is exactly the same size and cannot be opened.

wood retractable usb memory stick.jpgSecond:restore processing

1. Insert the U disk into another computer and display the drive letter normally.

2. Use the Advanced Recovery function in Easyrecovery software to recover the U disk, only to find the previously deleted directory and the files below it, but there is no file in the root directory of the USB stick.

3. Use the Finddata 2.0 software to restore the U disk. After finishing the U disk search, the file was not found in the "Deleted Directory". Through further observations, it was found that in the "DOC" file type under the "missed file" item, there are dozens of WORD files (the file name has been changed to the # beginning number string). Restore all WORD files to a drive letter on the hard disk, open and view them one by one to find the required files, and the contents are all normal. Reformat the U disk and the recovery process ends.

Third:the summary

U disk often causes data anomalies due to its own quality, incorrect plugging and unplugging operations, virus infection, and other reasons, such as the above file format disorder and failure to format. Although the U disk was first used by the antivirus software and then used, the antivirus software does not ensure that all viruses are cleaned up. Therefore, do not store important files on the USB flash drive separately. Instead, you should develop good habits of storing important information on the hard disk. Use U disk only as a temporary tool for file exchange.

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