How to repair the broken usb flash drive?

- Jun 28, 2018-

A lot of people break USB sticks, and they want to fix them themselves, which is realistic.Generally, as long as it is not physically damaged, it can be repaired.

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Correct idea is:

to test it what is the manufacturer of any type of XXX products - on to the Internet to download this kind of product specific production tools or repair and installation - perform operations (repair). The following is the step-by-step instructions

The usb drive is broken. Don't panic. Take it to the computer and see if you can read it. If you can't identify it, try a different machine, because it could be a computer problem. If several machines can't be identified, it may be physical damage, be ruthless to throw the garbage can. If, on the other hand, you can still identify the disk, don't worry, no matter how much astronomical data is in it: first, the next chip will be fine

After clicking "chip worry-free. Exe", the window appears. If there is no usb flash drive, the window is blank, because it is usually set to detect usb drive. If you change the Settings so that it detects the hard disk, it reports the data as the hard disk. Here is the situation of plugging in the usb flash drive, so the data report of the usb drive is displayed directly: including the manufacturer's product specifications and models, etc.

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In a window on the left to find "tools download", on the right side of the window shows the corresponding position tools download address, note that this is automatically generated according to the test products and this is one of the main reasons. So we use chip easy

Click the url directly.

Click to download the software and press the prompt after installation. There should be no big problem. This experience is intended to clear up the misconception that you need to realize that either a mass production tool or a universal repair tool.