​How to restore data file with metal USB stick poisoning?

- May 22, 2018-

How to restore data file with metal USB stick poisoning

Rotatable USB flash drive is an essential tool in our daily life, but as a result of rotating USB drive that is associated with the Internet, so vulnerable to infection, USB stick after poisoning and share with you today, how to restore the data file, here we can have a try

leather case usb flash drive.jpg

Download the longteng data recovery software.

Click the "USB stick file loss "mode, and this mode can be restored: all kinds of reasons for missing cortical USB data.

Select your USB flash drive and click next.

Note that the device is not found in the computer to be used for storage. Please insert the metal USB drive device.

Wait for the scan to end.

Scan the scan results, check the files that need to be restored, and then click next.

Note that after the file is missing, the file name is automatically changed by the system. If the required files are not scanned, use the "universal recovery" mode to scan again.

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You can determine whether or not you need a metal USB stick data in the following ways.

1. The photos and documents in the metal USB stick are for preview, please click the scanned file to view.

2. Based on the data creation and modification time, to determine whether the data of wooden USB stick is made.

3. Search according to the type of file, for example, if you restore word, select the document in the type, and then click find.

Select a disk to store the files that need to be restored, and then click next. Wait for a moment to resume the recovery of the leather USB stick file.