​How to solve the unformatted problem caused by the bad sector of USB stick

- Jun 02, 2018-

If you've ever encountered a USB flash drive that has been tampered with and can't be formatted, the files in it can't be manipulated at all. So your USB flash drive may have sector damage, so it's a little hard to fix the 64G USB flash drive and restore the files inside. Do you know what to do?Although the following method cannot save the data in your USB flash drive, it can repair the bad sector of the USB drive and keep your USB drive in use.

bright bulb usb flash drive.jpg

1. Firstly, insert the USB stick into the USB interface of the computer, and wait for the icon of the USB stick to appear

2. Right click to enter the USB drive, preferably "resource manager". Otherwise, if it is a Trojan, your computer will be "whitewashed". When you enter, you can see that the files inside are missing, all of them are scrambled ICONS:

3. On file for any operation is not possible, then we have to find cartoon USB drive icon - right - property - tools, then appear below the interface, select, and then click "start".

4. After the above steps are completed, remove the USB flash drive and re-insert the USB drive to see what happens. The USB flash drive is no longer tampered with, so let's format it: right-click the USB drive icon and select "format" -- "fast format".

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After formatting, your USB drive may have a smaller capacity, which is because some sectors are no longer usable, but we can continue to save files and still use them. And mini USB stick will appear bad sectors are basically normal operation does not pay attention to the cause, although USB drive support hot hot drawing, but we'd better form good habits of operation at ordinary times, pop-up USB interface and then pull out USB drive, otherwise USB drive appear constantly bad sectors, after accumulation will lead to damage of USB drive. Although the above method cannot save the information in the USB flash drive, it still has some effect for some friends who do not want to buy new USB drive.