How to use bluetooth headset?

- May 05, 2018-

The easiest way to use a bluetooth headset is:According to their mobile phone models, 

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

but most of the bluetooth headset using operating method can be applied, which means as long as will the use of the bluetooth headset, no matter you are what kind of models can be used. Here's an example of the iphone:

1. Open the bluetooth function of our mobile phone (Settings - universal bluetooth - bluetooth enabled), and turn on the power switch of bluetooth headset;

2. At this time, the bluetooth ear opportunity is immediately in the state of automatic search pairing, and the indicator light of the bluetooth headset is in alternating flashing state.Mini Bluetooth Earphone S530

3. The phone will display - scan the device. Do automatic lookups.

4. After you search for your bluetooth headset, click match. Remind you enter pairing code at this moment, the general factory set for the matching password is four zero, or 0000, if the wrong can try 1234 or not if you go to see your bluetooth headset operating instructions, the above are introduced.

5. After the success of the pairing can use your bluetooth headset, here to remind everybody is, due to various reasons may be a connection cannot be success, when they encountered such a problem as long as it is ok to match again.

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