How to Use Mobile OTG U Disk Correctly

- Apr 28, 2018-

                                                                                                        First Part

leather bracelet usb flash drives.jpgCorrect use of mobile phone OTGU disc to complete a series of operations First, the mobile phone U disk connected to the phone until the phone shows that the USB is connected, there is a USB icon that the phone and mobile phone U disk is connected. After connecting, open the mobile phone file management, you will find the sda folder inside the usbStorage folder in the phone, this file is the space of the usb stick of the mobile phone. You can directly open pictures, music, videos and other files in the sda folder. You can also copy what you need to copy to your phone (file management methods vary from device to device).

                                                                                                         Second Part
pvc usb flash drive.jpgYou can connect your mobile phone to your computer. Other methods of operation are the same as ordinary USB flash drives. Parents who like to take pictures of their children may need to shoot for children whenever and wherever possible. When the capacity of the mobile phone memory card is insufficient, the usb drive of the mobile phone can be plugged in and used without installing any software, which can solve your problem immediately. For professional users who pay more attention to data processing, a storage device that can convert data at any time is required. The U disk of the mobile phone can be used not only as an ordinary U disk, but also an expansion card of the mobile phone, which can perfectly execute data between various devices. save to. Because he supports music, pictures, videos and other kinds of files, you can open it instantly, without having to transfer it to any other device. When the space for temporary discovery is not enough, he can also solve the problem of your lack of space.

                                                                                                         Third Part

metal pill shape usb flash drive.jpgIt has epoch-making significance, changing the way of life of countless people and giving people great convenience. The usb flash drive of mobile phones will also be the same. It relieves the function of U-disks only for computer connection. In addition, it can be used with a large number of mobile phone users. Its scope of use will be immeasurable. Users who use a smart phone to store a variety of contents will definitely need an external storage device. Almost every day is a student who uses music, photos, videos, and other multimedia. When you see beautiful pictures on other OTG-enabled devices, it's wonderful. Music, wonderful video when NOOSY mobile U disk can help you solve this problem anytime, anywhere.

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