How to use the bluetooth?

- May 08, 2018-

How to use the bluetooth speaker?

1. Power on: 

check whether all the connections are connected before starting up, connect the ac power, press the switch button, and the sign is "boot"; O sign "shutdown". The red circle is the boot button and the audio input and output interface. If you want to connect to a computer, and your desktop doesn't have a bluetooth module, you can connect to a desktop or laptop via an audio signal input line.

Portable Bluetooth 4.2VER Multifunctions Speaker

2. Volume control: 

when you turn on, turn the "volume knob" of the sun circle clockwise to increase the volume, and turn the volume down counter-clockwise;

3. BASS adjustment: 

where the red circle is marked: when the total volume is turned on, the BASS "BASS knob" will be rotated clockwise, and the BASS will be lower, while the lower BASS will be weakened. The TONE knob is tuned to the scale, allowing you to feel and adjust to the right place.

4, audio switch: 

in the speaker's back, bluetooth audio signal input, the blue lights, AUX input audio signal when the light is red, short press the "source" button, switch bluetooth or a AUX input.

Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5. Bluetooth pairing (switching to bluetooth audio source operation) : 

in the back of the speaker.

    a. When using the new bluetooth terminal, the first time after the machine is turned on, press the native pairing button to match, so as to connect the device with bluetooth in your hand, such as the phone or the pen. When the blue light flashes. Turn on the bluetooth function of bluetooth terminal, look for the device name, and the blue light is always bright after the match is successful.

    b. After the successful matching with the existing terminal, when the machine is opened, only the bluetooth function of the terminal will be turned on, and the bluetooth device will be automatically matched.

6. Wireless broadcast of the connecting device: 

due to the bluetooth wireless speaker, many tablets now have no bluetooth module, so most of them are mobile phones or laptop computers. The phone connects to the bluetooth wireless speaker.

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