Industry knowledge of usb flash drive

- May 18, 2018-

Cell phone usb drive

The composition of the usb flash drive is simple: the shell and the core.

The components of the usb flash drive: shell + built-in battery + wifi chip + machine core.

Advantages of usb flash disk.

1. Data sharing, compatible with multi-platform and multi-device.

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers (which require software and hardware to support OTG functions), android 2.3 and above are compatible, or other smart phone systems, such as symbian 3, etc. This will enable data sharing between PC, MAC, PDA, Smart Phone, etc.

2. Expand the storage capacity of mobile devices.

Can realize external storage device sharing, expansion capacity. You can see movies, play games, read documents, photos, and transfer data. Break the limitation of cell phone capacity, accept all the favorite games and movies, and become your mobile video library and game library. You can also lend it to your friends, just as easy as CDS or DVDS.

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3. Store good fun.

The usb stick can transfer data from multi-terminal and multi-platform to realize reading and writing. The same joy can be Shared everywhere, and it is possible to go home and insert multimedia smart TV to watch movies and enjoy photos instantly. Inserted into the mobile phone, tablet can continue browsing in the outdoor is not watching the movie, the space of mobile storage capacity limit is broken, 8 g, 16 g, 32 g, 64 g, 128 g to choose according to their demand, games, save large files, high-definition movies. Save the difference between buying a large volume of mobile phone and buying a large-capacity usb flash drive, the choice is relatively cost-effective. Sharing your favorite movies to your friends is limited by WIFI and must be in places with WIFI. Bluetooth transmission is too slow and the match is not always successful. At this point, the operation of the usb flash disk is relatively straightforward and simple.

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