MP3 charging must be common knowledge.

- May 14, 2018-

Before we talk about the lithium battery in MP3 player, we need to understand that lithium battery is divided into two types: lithium battery and lithium ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are the button cells in products such as electronic watches that can theoretically be charged. However, not only the effect is not good, but also easy to short circuit, so it is generally forbidden to charge. Later, the lithium ion battery was developed by improving the design materials. Lithium batteries, which we now use extensively, are more secure and live longer. The lithium batteries discussed below are all lithium-ion batteries.

1. How to charge

Batteries have memory. The first three charges must be full, at least 12 hours! The term refers to a nickel battery. The memory of the nickel battery is strong, and the initial activation is not enough to affect the use. Although the lithium battery is also activated, it is easy to activate after 3~5 normal charge and discharge. It has no memory of its own.

The classic SONY gum battery can be seen clearly marked as ni-mh (nimh) battery.

It is important to note that the long charging of the MP3 player can cause damage to the lithium battery, so most electronic products have the function of charging protection. When the battery is full, automatic power off. We can't guarantee that the charging protection function is guaranteed, so we should not charge the battery for a long time just in case. In addition, some local voltage is not stable, and the lithium batteries in MP3 are less volatile and longer charging time means more vulnerable.

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2. When will it be charged?

The battery should be used up as far as possible, it is better to turn off the MP3 and recharge. This is also for nickel batteries. Because of the memory of the nickel battery, it is necessary to use photoelectricity to start charging each time. Some may recall that the early phone charger also had a "discharge" feature. However, lithium battery does not apply this rule completely. Excessive discharge is harmful to lithium batteries. In order to guarantee the life of lithium battery, it is better to start charging when the MP3 player prompts low power.

The first generation of rechargeable batteries, ni-cd (nickel-cadmium) batteries. There is memory and cadmium is very dangerous to the human body.

3. Precautions in use.

I've been hearing about battery explosions in recent years. Light burns property, heavy and even burn users. As for the explosion, it's the battery. This is because many of the material in the MP3's lithium battery comes into contact with water, which can produce violent chemical reactions and release a lot of heat, leading to heat and combustion. Lithium manganese dioxide, only a small drop of water, can be hot. The lithium chloride in the lithium battery comes into contact with water, releasing heat energy while producing hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. Understand the reason, the precaution method is also very simple, just pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. Do not use lithium battery products, make sure to remove the battery separately. Winter is coming soon, and be careful not to keep your MP3 player in your pocket when you get back from the outdoors. The condensation phenomenon will make the product inside and outside become very damp, should be ventilated and dry in time. Even if the battery is fine, it may cause a short circuit and damage to the equipment.

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